Monday, June 19, 2006

Who is Howard Rich? pt. 1

As you may have noticed, Gervais likes to scan several newspapers online each day, just to get the full scoop on what's going on out there. The State. The Post & Courier. The Beaufort Gazette. The Kansas City Star. The Greenville News. The Myrtle Beach Sun. I try to check them each out as much as possible.

This sure was an interesting article from the Kansas City Star last month. Here’s an excerpt:

The group calls itself Missourians in Charge and is hoping to shape the state’s constitution, particularly as it pertains to government spending and eminent domain.

As it turns out, the group is bankrolled not by Missourians but by a wealthy New York developer named Howard Rich, a man who is not even sure how often he has been to Missouri.

“Oh, many times” he said.[…]

Reports filed last month with the Missouri Ethics Commission showed that [Missourians in Charge] received $295,810.08 in donations between January and March. Just more than $810 came from the Institute for Justice, a Libertarian public interest group based in Virginia. The rest — a total of $295,000 — came from a New York group called Fund for Democracy. That group is headed by Rich.
But what does this article have to do with SC politics? Aw, probably nothing.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Howard Rich has been busy. He's listed as president of the U.S. Term Limits organization here:

He's listed as Chairman of Americans for Limited Government here:

The process by which he took over US Term Limits is described in all its gory detail here, as well as a story that reads like a playbook for the nation-wide school choice initiaves being driven by his money now:

The KC Star article says that Patrick Tuohey "sought assistance from a Chicago-based organization called Americans for Limited Government, which helped facilitate the financial arrangement with Rich." This is not surprising, since Rich is the chairman of AFLG. Not a whole lot of facilitating involved, I imagine.

The State article referenced below lists Rich as president of USTL, which they say has the same address as the LEAD organization, which has the same address as AFLG, which sponsors SCRG.

By the way, it interests me that the LEAD organization and the Parents In Chage Foundation both proudly support the SC Put Parents in Charge act, according to their websites. Both organizations are pushing the same school choice legislation around the country, and both appear to be well funded from the apparently deep pockets of one Howard Rich.

And this from the State: "Through corporations set up in New York, Maryland, Texas and Georgia, a New York real estate developer named Howard Rich has contributed nearly $40,000 to Floyd and seven House challengers."

It's like one big circle jerk with Howard Rich standing in the middle passing out money.

Anonymous said...

Do you think Richie Rich knows anyone from Michigan driving to SC with a U-haul and stealing SC jobs? Perhaps our Gov was an intern for him many years ago, when our Gov. once held a job? Coincidence, perhaps, not.

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