Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Who is Howard Rich? pt. 2

Where was I? Oh yeah, Missourians in Charge.

Even though there’s probably no connection whatsoever between Missourians in Charge and South Carolina politics, I figured I’d read a little more about them. Turns out, they decided earlier this month to sue the state government:
The sponsor of two ballot measures rejected by the Missouri secretary of state’s office sued Friday, arguing that disorganized petitions should not override 400,000 signatures in support[…]

Despite its name, Missourians in Charge has few ties to Missouri. Most of its funding – $1.36 million – came from the Fund for Democracy, a New York organization bankrolled by developer Howard Rich.
I wanted to find the address of this “Fund for Democracy,” the committee that bankrolls MIC from just barely outside the Show-Me State. In case I want to send ‘em a request to fund some democracy for me.

Anyway, I found the address here. It’s 73 Spring Street, New York, NY.

When Hannah Jane and I visited New York last April, we shopped a little near there, in SoHo. Mostly window shopping, if you know what I'm saying. That's how Gervais rolls. We also saw the musical Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (starring John Lithgow), which was a riot.

But anyway -- what does 73 Spring Street have to do with SC politics and our own dirty rotten scoundrels? Probably nothing.

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The Cackalacky Candidate said...

Andrea (I guess that's the wife of Howard) Rich is on the board of directors of the Atlas Economic Research Foundation and......HEY!!!!!......LOOKIT!!!!!!!....there's JOHN STOSSEL!!!!!


The Cackalacky Candidate said...

Board of Advisor member Andrea (I guess that's the wife of Howard) Rich hangs out with Board of Director member Marshall Fritz down at the Advocates for Self-Government (1) when Marshall is taking a break from his duties as President of the Alliance for the Separation of School & State (2)and...... HEY!!!!!......LOOKIT!!!!!!!....there's KAREN IACOVELLI!!!!! (3)
(1) http://www.theadvocates.org/
(2) http://www.honestedu.org/ misc/contact_us.php
(3) http://www.honestedu.org/vips/

Tim said...

Wait a minute...you're not saying...OH MY GOD!

Anonymous said...

Oh my God, it's a giant conspiracy.


Anonymous said...

Uh, oh. Better grease up Joshua's bald head, cause it's gonna 'splode!!!!

The Cackalacky Candidate said...

Mark Sanford appoints and then dismisses Karen Iocavelli.....who occupies an "I Hate Public Schools" website with Marshall Fritz.....who co-habits the leadership webpage of another "I Hate Public Schools" website with Andrea (I guess that's the wife of Howard) Rich.....who throws the Gala Dinner for John Stossel .....who works for ABC News.....that is owned by the Walt Disney Corporation.....proving that Mickey Mouse wants to rule America.

So who is really Stupid in America???

HEY!!!!!......LOOKIT!!!!!!!....there's a discarded MICKEY MOUSE OUTFIT....it's called SCRG*!!!!!

*EOS = End of Schools

Anonymous said...

Stossel/ABC News/Disney

Time to dump Disney stock and let former Democratic Senator and Disney Chairman of the Board George Mitchell know about it.


You would think that a company that made it's fortune of off children would be the last one to hurt so many.

Anonymous said...

It's amusing how Ross is so intent on exposing Howard Rich, but refuses to do the honorable thing and out himself on this blog.

Gervais S. Bridges said...

That is amusing.

Janet Stein said...

I ain't the sharpest tack in the box when it comes to understanding politics, so help me understand why Missouri cares about vouchers in SC? What is their dog in this fight? P.S. I work for The SCEA.


W said...

Missouri doesn't care about vouchers in SC. They care about vouchers in Missouri. The point he is making is that the voucher group in Missouri and the voucher group in SC both claim to be "grass roots" organizations, but they both receive most or all of their funding from this one guy in New York who isn't from Missouri or South Carolina. Big money ideologues in a fancy Soho apartment funding local politics in a region with which they are otherwise unaffiliated. That's the problem. Just wait for part 4. Maybe it will become more clear.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I would question the ethics of any organization associating with John Stossel.