Friday, May 12, 2006

More pandering to bear

“This is nothing more than election year pandering. Where was Mark Sanford last year following Hurricanes Rita and Katrina? Gas prices in South Carolina were over $3.00 a gallon. He didn’t call for a gas tax suspension then[...]

Election year gimmicks like this cannot cover the fact that four years of Mark Sanford have been a disaster for South Carolina. From jobs to health care to education, Mark Sanford has been a failure."

-- Sen. Brad Hutto (D- Orangeburg)


Anonymous said...

Just because they are going to give us a break on gas till labor day doesn't mean I'm going to vote for someone who consistently supports bad policy for the state. I'll gladly take the break now. It might make up for the hit I'm going to take when the sales tax goes up to cover the property tax "relief". Since I rent, I get NO property tax break, but I get to help pick up the slack by paying more for everything. I guess redistributing wealth to help those who need it is bad, but redistributing the tax burden, disproportionally affecting those who, in general, make less is ok. Both of these measures are just band-aids anyway. The temporary gas tax break will not address the reason that gas prices are high, but it will make people feel better for a couple of months. And if I understand property taxes correctly, the counties can adjust the millage rate after reassesment to compensate for the rapid increase in property values in recent years such that the total tax collected in the county does not change. However, property tax relief is not the real goal of this push. Public schools are largely funded through property taxes. Thus, by removing property taxes, the members of the state government who detest public schools (as Gervais has so thoroughly documented) will have more control over how much money goes to each school, or to the whole school system in general. The best way to kill the public school system is to "prove" its ineffectiveness by starving its funding till the schools have to shut their doors. Then there won't be anything left but charter and private schools and the voucher program looks a lot more appealing.

Anonymous said...

Just in case you are interested:

WLTX interviewed an intriguingly idiotic fellow tonight. It was quite an eye-opener. It almost reminded me of investigative reporting.

Anonymous said...

Interesting interview, but not too far from common. Growing up in Barnwell allowed me to grow up with many people who held similar views.

Joyful Alternative said...

He's taught Latin, and he's taught history; he's got teaching credential problems, and he's "Dr." This story has a lot of loose ends, and I do hope he doesn't show up in my school district in the fall.

But I do know of one particular chain of South Carolina barbecue restaurants where he'd fit right in.

Anonymous said...

Come on Gervais. Give us something on GEN McConnell with the Gov fiddling in the background while SC burns. You're the King, man. You can do it!!

Forget the Ethics Commission. Has SLED got lots of overtime programmed in their budget?

STR said...

I think thats the funniest picture you have produced on here to date!