Monday, May 15, 2006

Floating the Hunley

From John Monk's "How senator steers sub under radar":

The Hunley is one of South Carolina’s biggest financial undertakings in modern times. Not counting university expansion projects, the Hunley ranks behind only a few large road and bridge projects. It even exceeds the $62 million State House renovation in the 1990s[...]

Few in state government have any idea of costs of various Hunley projects in the pipeline.

I don’t have a clue,” Gov. Mark Sanford said last week.
I'll say.


Anonymous said...

Gervais, I knew you'd come through!!

Don't stop. This is not only the best (worst?) thing to come along since Operation Lost Trust, it has all the feel o fa great clown show as well. You know, J. Edgar Hoover was a cross-dresser and I guess so is the General here.

Hey! What's that sound? Something fecal hitting a fan?

Sure am glad our Gov is a man of principle and won't sign those seat belts laws that intrude on personal rights (sound of crickets chirping). His greatest effort so far, no doubt.

Now, will the boys downtown do the right thing or are they still so afraid of this little Civil War version of Pee Wee Hermann (come on Gervais, put the General's face on Pee Wee's bod). The more I think of it, it does look, smell and feel like J. Edgar. Fear, intimidation, and sex in the cinema--by yourself. Oh, and the files. Seems the General is so smart he doesn't need files. But it's the same type of a reign of terror. and, oh by the way, who paid for the cross-dressing of this little perv? I guess the same type of people that paid for McCarthy's and J. Edgar's antics.

Hey Gov, bring the piglets back to protest pork on the Hunley.

Anonymous said...

Jesus, get this to the national wires to show em' how we do it in SC. That's right you beeoch's. We don't care how you did it up North!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, delayed entry. GEN Glenn McLeghorn is much better. Put the face on Foghorn, saying, "It's about honah'. It's about those boys.

You know, I think I've seen Michael Jackson in his kinda SGT Pepper suit saying the same thing. "It's about those boys. I love those boys"


The Cackalacky Candidate said...

From John Monk's article:

"Its insides have been emptied of artifacts. "

"McConnell several years ago largely gave up his law practice. He spends much of his time and energy now on the Hunley project. He has continued to help run his Confederate memorabilia shop in North Charleston, which describes itself on its Web site as the nation’s largest Civil War store."

Any chance of picking up any Hunley memorabilia for that favorite Son of the South on Father's Day?

In this discussion of a submarine, what's missing is the word "Torpedo."

Anonymous said...

Oh, let's see. Memorabilia shop, interest in the Hunley. I'm sure there is no connection. Come on, whadaya think. operators are standing by.

I'm sure Monk is just another example of the liberal media going way out there to do whatever they can to try to use their influences to try to torpedo the people who represent the State's citizens' real interests.

Did I say "torpedo"? Somebody stop me.

Anonymous said...

"Miss Scarlet, you can put a mule in a horse's collar but it's a mule just the same!" Hattie McDaniel as Mammy in Gone with the Wind.

Earl Capps said...

wow ... just when you start to get typecast as anti-sanford, you turn around and keep us all guessing once more!

btw - i've taken the time to follow up on some of your recommendations and WOW ... thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Someone help me understand. Where's the rage at GEN McConnell. Does it seem to improbable and impossible that there might be some justice due this guy. Is that thinking and asking too much in SC? Is the game entreched so deeply such that everybody says, "There's nothing to be done cause it's an insider's game?"

Talk to me Seattle, cause I'm not getting it.