Thursday, May 11, 2006

Few, Folks agree with SCRG platform

Below: Few, Folks
Group ‘not funded from out-of-state,’ believe Few, Folks

B & P News - Columbia

Anti-tax lobbying group South Carolinians for Responsible Government may be plagued by the perception that it is funded by out-of-state interests who oppose public schools, but the group is now finding a handful of supporters within the Palmetto State as well. House candidate Sheri Few and former Sanford spokesman Will Folks are two of the most ardent supporters of the voucher organization.

“SCRG really is a grass-roots organization,” concur Few, Folks. “It sure isn’t just something that was propped up by deep-pocketed public school opponents from God-knows-where.”

Few, Folks also think that SCRG gets a bad rap for sending bogus letters to the editor of a statewide newspaper under the palindromic pseudonym, ‘Dennis Sinned.’

“It is perfectly legitimate to espouse your views by using a conjured up entity like Dennis,” agree Few, Folks. “How else are you supposed to illustrate your vast, grass-roots network that is not funded from out-of-state interests?”

Similar views are held by others, such as Anil Farbetween, president of the SC Indian-American Alliance for Non-public Schoolage. The Alliance recently formed an offshoot of SCRG called the Carolina Indian Government Alliance for Responsibilivouchers (CIGAR).

“The Indian American Alliance - which, like us, is not funded by out-of-state interests - further illustrates our vast network of grass-roots South Carolina support,” said SCRG spokesman Dallas Merrill. “We have bona fide Palmetto State supporters, and they are Few and Farbetween.”

Added Merrill, “Folks, Few, and Farbetween believe that SCRG is getting stronger every day through its vast network of in-state financial support and real, South Carolina values.”

Merrill also cited the support of Columbia law firm Fueher & Fueher, which helps SCRG sue school buses, as yet another sign the group has vast Sandlapper grass-roots.

“Our vast, in-state support includes Fueher & Fueher, Folks, and others who are Few and Farbetween,” said Merrill. "Add to that pretty much every CIGAR Indian in the state, and it's clear that we are a vast grass-roots force to be reckoned with."

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