Friday, December 02, 2005

Friday Re-Hash

Here's this week's serving of Gervais' favorite posts from the SC political blogs:

The LaurinLine discusses the Peach Council license plates proposed by Senator Moore. Sources say that NORML is lobbying the senator for an amendment to permit their own plates. Working title: the Peaches and Herb Act*.

SC Hotline featured an interesting link: an anti-tax group in education clothing calls Republican Bob Staton "a wolf in sheep's clothing." This little piece of attack mail (pictured, in part) might have saved Karen Floyd a few stamps, but I don't know if I'd be eager to have South Carolinians for Responsible Government's support. Gervais says, getting an endorsement from SCRG is like getting an engagement ring from Will Folks.

Speaking of Folks, The State ran his latest guest column, which basically says the governor shouldn't be held accountable for the state's economy unless he's a Democrat. It's a literary faux pas to compare two works of fiction by the same author, but I found it much more stimulating than "My Side of the Domestic Violence Story."

As for the most clever title of a blog post, Wag the Blog's "Ideas? Proposals? Moore is less" just barely edged out Laurin's "Having no peach license plates is the pits!" I hear Wag's next post will address the other Dem candidate, and will be called "What you talkin' bout, Willis?"

Have a super Friday,


*Not to be confused with the Herb and Peaches Resolution of 1977, which recognized the Allman Brothers as "the best Southern Rock band on the planet."

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Laurin Manning said...

Thanks, Gervais! Wag's "...Moore is Less" was the rightful winner of the best headline of the week contest, but I appreciate being in the running! :-)