Saturday, December 03, 2005

Sanford enlists in Salvation Air Force

Below: Sanford in full Salvation Air Force dress
The elite should not shirk their quasi-military duties, says governor

B & P News - Columbia

In a surprise move this week, incumbent Governor Mark Sanford got a leg up on Newberry physician Oscar Lovelace by enlisting in the Salvation Air Force. He was sworn in as a Captain late Wednesday evening.

"This isn't about politics. I wanted to set an example for my boys, like I did last primary season," said Sanford Thursday. "The elite shouldn't shirk their quasi-military duty."

During Sanford's first bid for Governor, he stunned his primary opposition by enlisting in the Air Force Reserve at age 41. Some of his fellow reservists now say the Salvation Air Force is a good fit for the governor.

"I've never met him personally, but he seemed to be a solid quasi-military professional," said 1st Lieutenant Bingham Bartlett, member of the 315th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron, via telephone from Iraq. "At least on paper. He transferred right before I got sent over here, so it's really hard to say."

Sanford's current immediate supervisor in the Air Force Reserves agreed.

"I've never met him personally, but he must be a great officer," said Major Tom Bickle of the Homeland Disaster Preparedness agency. "You have to be to get the kind of job he has."

Sanford said he would not evade service if called upon by the Salvation Air Force during the holiday season.

"I've always said I'll go if called, whether it's the reserves or the Salvation Air Force," said Sanford. "Whatever hotspot I'm deployed to -- Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Lowe's -- I'll make the sacrifice. That's what service is all about."

Sanford spokesman Joel Sawyer said Friday that he was proud of his boss's decision, even if it might tear him away from his gubernatorial duties.

"This is the caliber of service we have come to expect from our Republican leaders," said Sawyer. "He's signed onto one of the finest quasi-military organizations in the country. He's dying to jump into the fray, even with the knowledge that he may face minor frostbite or bell-induced carpal tunnel syndrome."

Another former Air Force Reserve colleague agreed that Sanford is ready for storefront duty.

"Sanford," Capt. Phil Skyler, also of the 315th, wrote by email to B & P News from an undisclosed location in Iraq. "That name definitely rings a bell."


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