Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Little Pigs, let me in!

Hannah Jane went to the doc today for a pregancy check-up, so I got to take little Petunia -- with seven teeth in her whole head -- to her gym class in Lexington. This place is amazing, with trapezes and trampolines and a zip-line and a pit full of plastic balls and chutes and ladders and whatnot. Mama used to send Fripp and me into the yard with brooms to play "light sabres," or occassionally she'd give us a handful of lawn darts, but now kids have it made. I mean, a zip-line... are they training Petunia to be a commando or what?

So anyway, I worked up a nice little appetite singing, dancing, tumbling, and line-zipping with the other "moms". I had lunch at the venerable Little Pigs Barbeque on Alpine Road. Situated across the street from a mobile home park, a stone's throw from the junction of I-20 and I-77, this place is one of the Midlands' best kept barbecue secrets.

Three regions on the SC Barbecue map are represented here: Mustard, Vinegar, and Ketchup based pulled pork all grace the buffet. The collard greens and cole slaw were both good, and the banana pudding looked enticing as it was devoured by my buddy Fletch, but Gervais is on a diet for my upcoming marathon. I didn't get too mad at Fletch for eating it right in front of me, because I knew I was stranding myself on temptation island by even going to LP, and because he picked up the tab. Which, at around seven bucks a head, is one of the best deals in town.

Gervais says, try Little Pigs next time you get the hankerin' for some terrific barbecue.


pettyca$h said...
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pettyca$h said...

This one's a toughie to find for an Irmoite, considering that i relate driving to the "northeast" to having dental work done. Food was great and more importantly, people watching was fantastic. More hats with scrambled eggs on the bill than you could shake a stick at...