Sunday, November 13, 2005

DeMint eager for Wednesday concert

Congressman DeMint sports his "Elton" glasses
Congressman set to enjoy flamboyant rocker Elton John in Columbia

B & P News - Washington

Congressman Jim DeMint will be in Columbia on Wednesday for the only South Carolina tour date of rock and roll legend Elton John. The concert will be held at the Colonial Center.

"I wouldn't dare miss Sir Elton in my homestate," said DeMint, decked out in oversized glasses and mauve platform shoes in an interview Saturday. "If he cancels again I'll just die."

The performer was scheduled to appear in March, but canceled the show due to fatigue. Thousands of ticket-holders, including DeMint, were offered the choice between a refund and tickets for Wednesday's performance.

"Jim was very upset back in March," said Governor Mark Sanford. "I hadn't seen him cry that much since we saw Steel Magnolias."

Congressman DeMint said Saturday that he prefers the classic Elton John songs, but also likes the newer material. He also pointed to the musician as a role model for young people in South Carolina.

"Some rock stars are talentless, lewd, sick womanizers," said DeMint. "Not Elton. You won't find scores of cheap women backstage at one of his shows. I think our children could learn a lot from him."

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