Saturday, November 12, 2005

Second-most fun I've had in Pauline

Ol' Gervais got to take a trip to the upstate last week, to speak to some Clemsonites and to attend a Veteran's Day event at the Pine Street school in Sparkle City USA.

What struck me about Tiger Town was the proliferation of Lovelace signs. I heard he was Student Body President there. Of course, Beasley was a Tiger too, and what did he ever do? What? Profile in Courage award? Oh. Nevermind.

On Friday my Aunt Hankie took me to Bull Hawgs in Pauline, outside of Spartanburg. I kid you not, if you bring in fresh antlers during hunting season, you get a free plate. And you get to keep your antlers.

The barbecue was great, naked but with spicy vinegar-pepper sauce on the tables. Great slaw too. Absolutely worth the trip if you're up there. I saw a gentleman offer to pay for the meal of this Navy guy in uniform. When the sailor told him thanks but he'd already paid, the guy went up and paid anyway and gave the kid his money back. It was a nice Veterans' Day gesture, but I get the feeling it would of happened on any day on the calendar in Pauline, SC.

God Bless America.

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