Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Somebody needs a humor voucher

I came across this latest "press release" from South Carolinians for Responsible Government yesterday on SC Hotline. Gervais says, 'Ariail, watch your back!'

I give this one a 10 on the Unfunny Meter. It's a 9 until your eyes veer down to the guy whispering about the dog, which ratchets up the unfunniness to the alarm setpoint.

Full disclosure: I kind of like Inez Tenenbaum. No, I mean I like her. In a way that makes Hannah Jane hella jealous. Is "Lady in Red" playing on the light-rock station? That's because I requested it. So I naturally don't like all the Tenenbaum-bashing going on out there.

But, I will do for SCRG -- ostensibly an education organization, actually a tax organization -- what they would never do for our schoolyoungin'... acknowledge their improvement. The group's first Tenenbaum cartoon was impossibly lame. It was basically Beavis or Butthead (I'm not sure) with his fist in Homer Simpson's mouth. Homer's black parents are questioning whether 'Doctor' Inez should be choking their son with dollars.

Now I know my personal equation for humor (DeMint + anything gay = funny) might not appeal to everybody, but I don't think I'm out of bounds in saying these cartoons don't quite meet the bar for haha. Check out the mouse: "Forceps.. scalpel... TAX HIKE!"

SCRG, "this dog won't hunt." Where's the funny?! Where's Dennis Sinned?!


The Palmetto Observer said...

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

Laurin Manning said...


I'd send anyone in need of being-funny lessons to you! Keep up the good work. DeMint + gay = always laughworthy. You're right that SCRG's cartoons suck. Give me Ariail or give me...nothin' but text.