Monday, August 04, 2008

Little Pigs Barbeque: Timelessly terrific

The first time I ate at Little Pigs Barbeque, this blog wasn’t even two months old.

It was November of 2005, and a reporter for The State newspaper had contacted Gervais by email about doing a story on this new-fangled political parody blog called “Barbecue & Politics.” I agreed to meet him if The State could preserve my “pseudonymity.”

The reporter and I had a nice lunch at Little Pigs as we dished on Palmetto State politics and dined on a buffet stacked with the goods: collard greens, green beans, cole slaw, whole kernel corn, three types of pulled pork (mustard-, vinegar-, and tomato-based), fried chicken, hush puppies and tons of other selections. At the time, I wasn’t eating much dessert, so I just stared longingly at the banana pudding and chocolate delight on the dessert mini-buffet.

Since that meeting in November 2005, a lot has changed in SC’s political “new media.”

The reporter, Aaron Gould Sheinin, has skipped town and is now covering presidential and Peach State politics for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He’ll be blogging the presidential conventions this year, which I suspect will be a lot of fun.

Barbecue & Politics took a turn for the serious in 2006, when it first started to become apparent that out-of-state ideologues opposed to public education were trying to hijack our state’s political process.

And the South Carolina “blogosphere” in general has become inundated with sites run out of consultant shops, instead of cluttered dining room tables.

But one thing that hasn’t changed since 2005 is the awesomeness of the Little Pigs buffet.

Last Thursday at lunch, some friends and I headed out towards the intersection of I-20 and I-77, where Little Pigs has been located for the last 30 years. After making a few trips to the buffet and one excursion to the desserts, Gervais was ready to loosen the ol’ belt and take a siesta.

I have no idea what “the weblogs” will look like in the future, or where Aaron’s talents will have landed him. But I feel sure that in another three years, and probably another thirty years, Little Pigs Barbeque will still be there on Alpine Road, serving up one of the best buffets in Columbia.


Anonymous said...

I am glad Aaron Gould Shenin has left the State Paper. Although he was Jewish, which I like, he was also very biased and unscrupulous when it came to reporting on Republicans. I will never forget when he covered Andre Bauer's victory party at the primary runoff. He made a very sexist comment, sort of like I made an ethnic comment about his "Jewish" heritage. He said, "There were men in suites and ties, and then there were people in cut off shorts and low cut shirts." I felt compelled to write him a letter. In it I asked him if he meant "men" in low cut shirts or "women". He got the picture.

Aaron Gould Sheinin said...

Hey, Gervais, thanks for the shout-out. Them's some good eats. Your dad is in my thoughts. Please give hiim my best.

And Anonymous, I am not now, nor have I ever been, Jewish. But thanks for asking.

As for Andre's party, what was sexist about what I wrote, again? But to be clear: I did not get the picture. Still don't.

Aaron Gould Sheinin said...

oops, give "him my best." Still need copy editors.