Sunday, July 27, 2008

"No possibility" Julie Hershey didn't sign anti-public school pledge

From The State, Education panel appointee answers critics:

The president of the Alliance for the Separation of School and State said [newest Education Oversight Committee member Julie] Hershey signed his group’s proclamation — favoring the privatization of public education — at a 1999 Greenville event.

There is virtually no possibility that she did not sign it, but there is every possibility that she would forget,” said alliance president Alan Schaeffer, adding others also have said they don’t remember signing the proclamation.

The California-based alliance is dedicated to privatizing all education. It wants to dismantle public schools in favor of private ones and home schooling.

Hershey’s signature appeared below the statement, “I proclaim publicly that I favor ending government involvement in education.”

And from the Spartanburg Herald-Journal, Hershey: Memory on education pledge hazy:

The head of an organization dedicated to ending public education says that the newest member of South Carolina's Education Oversight Committee was mistaken when she said she didn't sign a declaration of support for the group. ...

Sanford spokesman Joel Sawyer said that Schaeffer's contention that Hershey signed the proclamation doesn't cast any doubt on her appointment.

"Not one bit," he said. "The bottom line is that our appointee says she didn't sign. It's not anything that has ever come up, but it goes without saying that if someone really believed (in ending public education) it would be inconsistent with the mission of the EOC and inconsistent with anything ever stated by our administration."


Anonymous said...

Once again Mark Sanford seems to have been caught folding to the agenda of his New York campaign financier Howard Rich.

And poor Joel Sawyer, busted again!

Almost seems like Will Folks is back there...but he's too busy using headshot photos of real actresses, like Malin Akerman, and saying they're really one of the "FITS girls" that "write" for his Web site. Weeeeiiird.



tammy said...

LOL. That is the best.