Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Howard Rich, SCRG targeted Rep. Jackie Hayes

“House incumbent Rep. Jackie Hayes is truly one of the most conservative members of the House Minority party,” according to a recent endorsement from the SC Chamber of Commerce.

So why would a group like SCRG, who says its goal is to “implement and sustain conservative policies,” target Hayes (D-Dillon) by funneling tons of out-of-state money to try to oust him in his June 10th primary?

Probably the same reason any lawmaker is targeted by SCRG: because he doesn’t support New York libertarian Howard Rich’s voucher agenda.

According to disclosure filed Monday, 88% (Update: 96%) of Hayes’ primary opponent’s contribution total for the election cycle was from out-of-state. 48% was from Howard Rich's own entities at 73 Spring Street, New York City.

Voters at the polls didn’t know this, mind you, because all this out-of-state voucher cash was funneled by SCRG during the “blind spot,” the period between the final disclosure and the election. (Hayes still managed to squeak by with 78% of the vote.)

Anyway, here’s the breakdown, from the State Ethics Commission:

Candidate Zina Manning, Total Contributions: $8330
$1000 (5/29) Joseph D Stilwell, 26 Broadway 23 Floor NYC
$1000 (5/29) Yvonne Rich, 2111 West Rd. 1, Mountain Home, AR
$1000 (5/29) Kevin Spillane, 2443 Fair Oaks Blvd, Sacramento, CA
$1000 (5/29) Paul Farago, PO Box 8907, Asheville, NC
$1000 (5/29) 538-14 Realty LLC, 73 Spring St. Rm. 408 NYC
$1000 (5/29) 123 Lasalle Associates, 73 Spring St. Rm. 408 NYC
$1000 (5/29) 188 Claremont LLC, 73 Spring St. Rm. 408 NYC
$1000 (5/29) 405 49 Associates, 73 Spring St. Rm. 408 NYC

73 Spring Street, NYC is the address of Howard Rich.
Joseph Stilwell of New York is a director of Rich’s “U.S. Term Limits.”
Yvonne Rich of Arkansas was a co-director of Rich's “Colorado At Its Best.”
Kevin Spillane was the spokesman for Howard Rich’s failed 2006 California Takings Initiative.
Paul Farago (actually of Oregon) is a director of Rich’s "Americans for Limited Government."

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