Tuesday, July 08, 2008

House District 2 disclosures in

According to disclosures filed Tuesday with the State Ethics Commission, Howard Rich and his associates funded about 65% of the unsuccessful primary campaign against Rep. Bill Sandifer (R-Oconee).

Rumsey might rhyme with clumsy, but the financiers of Ed Rumsey's campaign were downright skillful when it came to keeping all this private school voucher cash hidden from the view of voters.

SCRG funneled most of the out-of-state cash into the campaign after the final pre-election finance report.

Deceptive? Sure. Underhanded? Yep. Contrary to the purpose of our state disclosure laws? Of course.

But it's what we've come to expect from the purveyors of "sewer politics" in South Carolina.

Ed Rumsey, House District 2
$1,000 5/30/2008 4220 Broadway Inc., 73 Spring St. Rm 408 NYC
$1,000 5/30/2008 4220 Broadway LLC, 73 Spring St. Rm. 408 NYC
$1,000 5/30/2008 405 49 Associates, 73 Spring St. Rm. 408 NYC
$1,000 5/30/2008 332 E 11 LLC, 73 Spring St. Rm. 408 NYC
$1,000 5/30/2008 123 LaSalle Inc., 73 Spring St. Rm. 408 NYC
$1,000 5/30/2008 188 Claremont LLC, 73 Spring St. Rm 408 NYC
$1,000 5/30/2008 470 W 166 LLC, 73 Spring St. Rm 507 NYC
$1,000 5/30/2008 The Stonecreek Group [Kevin Spillane], Sacramento, CA
$1,000 5/30/2008 Paul Jost 2640 Jockey's Neck Trl, Williamsburg, VA
$1,000 5/30/2008 Paul Farago P.O. Box 8907 Asheville, NC
$1,000 5/30/2008 Joseph Stilwell, 26 Broadway 23rd Floor NYC
$1,000 5/30/2008 Doug Levine, 2760 N. Bay Rd, Miami Beach, FL
$1,000 5/30/2008 John Kirtley, 339 S. Plant Ave., Tampa, FL
$1,000 5/30/2008 Yvonne Rich, 2111 West Rd, Mountain Home, AR
$1,000 5/12/2008 Bradford Management, 73 Spring St. Rm. 507 NYC
$1,000 5/12/2008 LaSalle Associations, 73 Spring St. Rm. 507 NYC
$1,000 5/12/2008 Alan J. Pomerantz, 767 Fifth Avenue NYC

1. 73 Spring Street, NYC is the address of Howard Rich.
2. Joseph Stilwell of New York is a director of Rich’s “U.S. Term Limits.”
3. Yvonne Rich of Arkansas was a co-director of Rich's “Colorado At Its Best.”
4. Kevin Spillane was the spokesman for Howard Rich’s failed 2006 California Takings Initiative.
5. Paul Farago (actually of Oregon) is a director of Rich’s "Americans for Limited Government."
6. John Kirtley of Tampa is chairman of a national voucher group with ties to Amway and Wal-Mart.
7. Doug Levine is a director or former director of Rich’s “Legislative Education Action Drive.”
8. Paul Jost is the chairman of the Virginia Club for Growth, which Rich oversees as president of Club for Growth State Action.


Anonymous said...

Gervais, after all the disclosures are in you should publish a list of EVERY ONE of Howie Rich's LLCs and corporations that he has used to circumvent our campaign disclosure laws this cycle. I'd like to see how long it is.

Rob W. said...

Keep it coming