Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Never about vouchers

The folks over at Take Back SC are doing a good job keeping up with voucher group SCRG's various mailpieces as they ooze into mailboxes around the state. The latest one assails a lawmaker for his "failure to protest" a vote.

Seriously, postal workers need to wear gloves when handling this stuff.

These SCRG hit-pieces have covered every topic from gays to gasoline, from prophylactics to poetry, and from marijuana to Mark Foley.

In fact, there's only one issue SCRG goes to great lengths to avoid mentioning when attacking a candidate.


Rob W. said...

Isn't this the same Take Back SC/ "South Carolinians for Truth and Disclosure" group that won't disclose where they get their funding (and has other ethics problems)? I applaud your ass-kicking of ethics violators, but you lose the credibility to do that when you are only ass-kicking SCRG's candidates and giving other shadow organizations (like Take Back SC) a free pass.

Here's Palmetto Scoop's report on Take Back SC: http://www.palmettoscoop.com/2008/05/29/three-strikes-for-new-watchdog-group/#comments

Anonymous said...

A good response to that might be:

"Josh Gross is infamous for untrue and misleading attacks. Club for Growth has repeatedly done it. It's not about the issues for a lot of these groups, it's about personalities and petty politics."
- From the Spartanburg Herald-Journal

Rob W. said...

I think a good response to that response would be:

If this group has one issue (Truth and Disclosure) that it's all about, isn't important that the organization shows Truth and Disclosure? Are quasi-legal robocalls, ethics violations, and a refusal to disclose funding sources the only way to combat quasi-legal robocalls, ethics violations, and refusals to disclose funding sources?

I don't dispute that SCRG has done some sketchy stuff over the years, although I would doubt it's any more personal than usual SCGOP politics. I just wish Ross wouldn't be so selective with who he goes after.