Friday, June 06, 2008

More SCRG in the news

SCRG is having some good news days lately if their goal is bumping their name recognition up a few notches. If, on the other hand, their goal is not being exposed as a front group for an anti-public education ideologue in New York City... well, they better buy up all the newspapers they can with all that money.

Spartanburg Herald-Journal: "Whenever you hear the pig squeal, you know you're getting its attention," [Republican Rep. Bill] Cotty said. "We have an immigration problem in South Carolina that the bill we passed didn't handle: The immigration of out-of-state dollars by rich special interests who are trying to buy our state election by election, issue by issue, without revealing who they really are, where they're really from and what they're really about."

Anderson Independent-Mail: Oconee County’s Bill Sandifer, a Republican in the South Carolina House, is the latest local lawmaker to come under attack by voucher and tax credit proponents (read: public money for private education) disguised not too cleverly as “responsible” citizens of South Carolina.

Free Times: Perhaps exemplifying SCRG’s role in the South Carolina project, an Anderson County councilman, Ron Wilson, said [SCRG president Randy] Page called him in ’06 and offered him big-time financial backing to run against Rep. Dan Cooper, R-Anderson and chair of the powerful budget-writing House Ways and Means Committee, according to a Feb. 28 article in the Post and Courier.

Get your voter registration cards out, people. Sandlapper Super Tuesday is just a few days away.

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Anonymous said...

"Josh Gross is infamous for untrue and misleading attacks. Club for Growth has repeatedly done it. It's not about the issues for a lot of these groups, it's about personalities and petty politics."
- From the Spartanburg Herald-Journal