Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lexington votes

You gotta love Lexington County politics.


Anonymous said...

The King is misguided. And dead. Jake Knotts IS a puppet for the Redneck Mafia.

Anonymous said...

And its time for Jake's fat porky A$$ to hit the road!

Anonymous said...

Crow little roosters, if you can. The big dogs still run the barnyard.

All of the carpetbugger money from SCRG, Voice for Voucher Scams, Club for Voucher Scams and all the 'kings men' couldn't put Shealy anywhere close! What a screaming landslide for The People!

BTW, has anyone heard how that other Midland's voucher scam candidate did? :)

We heard Ms. Few raised $50,000 in voucher scam money against Herndon's little piggy bank.

The voucher scam sure is expensive to them carpetbuggers.