Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Knotts, Herndon win in Midlands GOP runoffs

From The State, Knotts, Herndon score big wins:

Knotts declared the tax credit issue, often called school vouchers, “dead” in South Carolina….

“Howard Rich can bag up his baggies (of money) and he can move to another state because they are not going to make any headway in South Carolina against public education.”


Anonymous said...

I never thought I'd see the day that I was delighted to see Jake Knotts win. However, the groups like SCRG, etc. concern me greatly. Our future depends on our providing an excellent public school system. Lexington County has excellent schools and I'm glad that we're going to continue the tradition. The governor can take his snooty high falutin' self and go New York and be with his rich buddies like Howard Rich.

Swamp Fox said...

Re: Lexington County has excellent schools

We are in denial about the performance of schools in South Carolina. If you compile the average SAT scores of NC and SC, there is not a high school in Lexington that breaks the top 25.

We're not taking across the country or around the world. We don't even stack up well with our neighbors to the north.

Incremental tweeks here or there won't do it. Until we accept the fact that we need to reinvent public education in South Carolina, we'll make little progress.

Anonymous said...

Swamp Fox needs to give back his SCRG contributions and get a real job.

Most missed Jakie's reference to the "baggies." Drug dealers use "baggies" to package money. He picked his word.