Monday, June 30, 2008

Hudson's Express in Cayce closed

It ain't the first time this particular parcel on Knox Abbot Drive has broken poor Gervais' heart.

According to sign on the door, Hudson's Express has closed its doors, but will relocate in the near future.


Phillip said...

My wife and I stopped by some days ago, found it closed, and were so fixated on getting some Hudson's we drove all the way out to Lexington. (Not very conservation-minded I know). While there we asked wassup about the Cayce closing, hoping the "new location soon" sign meant moving deeper into the city, maybe the Vista? No dice. Their new second location is going to be...Irmo. Come on, Hudson's, you can't just hide in Republican-land! we inner-city progs love our 'cue too!

gervais said...

Thanks for the info, Phillip.

mlf said...

This saddens me, too -- but I was glad to recently find Melvin's sauces at the Piggly Wiggly.

Cheaper than the drive to Mount Pleasant.

Laurin said...

I still tear up thinking about the closing of Po' Pigs. It was my favorite BBQ in the whole state!