Friday, May 02, 2008

Uh oh...trouble in paradise?

Everybody knows how it feels when two people who seem so perfect for each other can't hold their relationship together. It sucks. I think R.E.M. probably summed it up best in the song, "Love Hurts," but I've never really understood the words because of my uncontrollable sobbing whenever it comes on the radio.

That's why I was really bothered when I clicked on a link at SC Hotline yesterday.

SC Hotline, for those of you who are unaware, is a news aggregator/filter run by a couple of guys named Mike Green and Jeffery Sewell. News aggregation/filtration is collecting the news from around the state, then filtering out the "bad news," then putting it all on a website. Outside the news aggregation/filtration business, I'm pretty sure Sewell and Green are best known for inadvertently destroying political campaigns.

So anyway, while at SC Hotline, I clicked on a link called "Ravenel's prision what is it like? Who is there?" Here's the substance of the post:

I saw this article in the state and I thought I would google a little bit about the prison in Jesup, GA.

I found out Kevin Geddings is at the same prison maybe they will be roommates?

Here is the main prison website.

Here is how you can write to Ravenel while he is in prison.

Why don’t you all do some google searches and post some more information about the prison here?

Okay, whatever.

I can see why that might be interesting on a slow news day, even if the grammar and spelling leave something to be desired. But the post didn't really get interesting until the comments:
Jeffrey Sewell Says:
May 1, 2008 at 3:54 pm

Take this crap down, Thomas has apologized, been sentenced and will shortly begin to repay his debt to society, not to mention the 250k he handed the Feds.

What is the purpose of this post Mike Green? Still disappointed that another fellow human let you Mr. Perfect down…Cast no stones, hmmm.

Oh, schnap! No he didn't! Yes he did! Pull his hair!

This little back-and-forth between Mike and Jeffery makes me very worried, and leaves me with just a few questions:

1. Is the brain trust behind SC Hotline on the rocks after all these years?

2. How many times can Jeffery Sewell drop Thomas Ravenel's name before it is irreparably broken?

3. Is Hannah Jane being facetious when she calls me "Mr. Perfect?"

4. Ravenel's prision what is it like?

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Anonymous said...

These guys are KNOWN for their homo-erotic slap and tickle.

I heard Seawell once had one of his buddies shut down a blog after someone posted something bad about his friend on it. He used the guy as a lacky, a patsy, and everyone knows it.