Thursday, May 29, 2008

Separation of Church and Plate?

From the editorial page of today's Anderson Independent-Mail:

"A state’s license plate, if legislated for the whole, should reflect something all of its citizens can endorse, and not exclude those of other faiths or views."

And from today's column from The State's Cindi Scoppe:

"The Legislature isn’t establishing a state religion when it allows anyone who can get 400 people to order a special new type of license tag to have one made; but there’s good reason to think the courts might say it’s doing so when it passes a special bill for the Christian tag."

Gervais says, my only contribution to this debate is a graven image of Michael Landon. Which, if I can find 399 other like-minded Sandlappers, might be on the back of my truck pretty soon.

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PetPeeve said...

You are obviously forgetting the asterisks on the US Constitution... if you look real carefully at the bottom
***not applicable in South Carolina