Wednesday, May 28, 2008

More voucher cash rolls into SC

Gervais will keep you updated on this post below as Howard Rich's South Carolinians for Responsible Government bundles his money and sends it into races around our state.

Here's the latest:

Deborah Long, House 45
5/19 $1,000 Bradford Mgmt of NY (73 Spring St. NYC)
5/18 $1,000 123 LaSalle Associates (73 Spring St. NYC)
5/18 $1,000 Alan J. Pomerantz (767 Fifth Ave., NYC)

UPDATE: Sources tell Barbecue & Politics that this is not the first time SCRG president Randy Page has funneled thousands of dollars to someone named Debbie.


Anonymous said...

Your snide remarks about someone else's physique are incredibly juvenile and distasteful. If you disagree with what the guy represents, fine, but trying to be clever by mocking someone's physical appearance make you look like a total ass and detract from your credibility.

tammy said...

I think Gervais makes a great point by pointing out this guy's physique. Why would SC voters take guidance from a guy who obviously can't even take care of himself?

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's just me, but Randy always looks better with a clown nose. Then, instead of calling this "the buying of the General Assembly," we could just call it "The Clowning."

Anonymous said...

The picture doesn't show his physique, just his incredibly large head.

Anonymous said...

Tell me that guy really doesn't just LOOK like a monster.