Monday, April 14, 2008

Who egged Joshua Gross's car?

It’s not often that you’ll hear Gervais stick up for someone associated with the “SC” Club for Growth. And you probably won’t today, either. But it does kinda suck that somebody recently “egged” the car of avowed movement conservative Joshua Gross.

Gross is the former executive director of the SC Club for Growth, and also recently did a stint working for Fred Thompson in South Carolina. He's a huge Barbecue & Politics fan. And I'm not a shrink, but he may also have a dash of paranoid delusion going on.

Gross blogged about the incident of political terrorism at his new site, the Columbia Conservative:

Fair warning - I don't intimidate easily. Hitting my car (with over 114K miles on the odometer) with the embryonic remains of a chicken isn't going to do it. Just gives me more motivation.

Well said, Joshua. Well said.

Joshua’s post is titled “The politics of intimidation,” and it should serve as a stern warning to all you “carton-carrying members of the ACLU” and Muslim egg-stremists: Joshua Gross cannot be silenced by eggs.

Gervais, however, is readily silenced for 5-10 minutes by eggs, as any Waffle House waitress along I-26 can verify. At any rate, here’s a photo of the crime scene and a police sketch of the suspect. If you have any tips, be sure to leave ‘em in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Only a right wing, SCRG wannabe, Club for Growth lackey could think a random egging is a form of political hate speech.

The Blue South said...

I heard through the grapevine that it was Stephen Garcia.

Joshua Gross said...


Joshua said...

Oddly enough (even though I just found this post), my car was egged on the same day, thousands of miles away, and my name is also Joshua Gross. I'm sure it's a terroristic plot by the terrorizers.