Friday, April 11, 2008

The out-of-state voucher cash rolls in

April 10th was the due date for SC campaign finance reports, which means it’s a big day for Barbecue & Politics. If you’ve tuned in for past seasons, you know that I keep track of all this out-of-state voucher money pouring into the Palmetto State, kind of like a farmer might keep track of locusts.

Luckily, the State Ethics Commission has made it a cakewalk this year, thanks to its new online filing and disclosure system.

Needless to say, the “grassroots” voucher group South Carolinians for Responsible Government is dutifully funneling this outsider cash into Palmetto State races for New York City libertarian Howard Rich and friends this primary season.

Which candidates are taking this out-of-state voucher cash? Here’s what we’ve got so far:

Sheri Few, House District 79:

3/4: 188 Claremont LLC, 73 Spring Street Rm 408, NYC $1,000
3/4: 332 E 11 LLC, 73 Spring Street Rm 507, NYC $1,000
3/4: Bradford Management, 73 Spring Street Rm 507, NYC $1,000
2/28: Joseph Stilwell, 26 Broadway, 23rd Floor, NYC $1,000
2/28: John Kirtley, 339 S. Plant Ave., Tampa, FL $1,000

Bob Leach, House District 21:

3/14: Joseph D. Stilwell, 26 Broadway 23rd Floor, NYC $1,000
3/14: Yvonne Rich, 211 West Road 1, Mountain Home, AR $1,000
3/14: John Kirtley, 339 S. Plant Avenue, Tampa, FL $1,000
3/14: 332 E 11 LLC, 73 Spring Street, Rm. 507, NYC $1,000
3/14: 188 Claremont LLC, 73 Spring Street Rm. 408, NYC $1,000

Wendy Nanney, House District 22:

2/26: John Kirtley, 339 S Plant Ave., Tampa, FL $1,000
2/13: Joseph Stilwell, 26 Broadway 23rd Floor, NYC $1,000

By way of background, 73 Spring Street, NYC is the address of Howard Rich. Joseph Stilwell of New York is a director of Rich’s “U.S. Term Limits,” Yvonne Rich of Arkansas was a co-director of Rich's “Colorado At Its Best,” and John Kirtley of Tampa is chairman of a national voucher group with ties to Amway and Wal-Mart.

That’s a lot of $1000 checks flowing into small-town South Carolina races, folks – much of it through the “LLC loophole” which makes a mockery of our contribution limits. And sadly, I suspect there are some late filers out there with even more.

As the filings trickle in, you can count on Barbecue & Politics to serve them up.

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Great to see you keeping the heat on these carpetbaggers and their bought and paid for scallywags.

You're a Great American.

Roscoe P.