Monday, April 07, 2008

Smear email questions Obama's patriotism

Candidate pictured not rendering “rock salute” during classic rock anthem

B&P News - Philadelphia

The presidential campaign of Illinois Senator Barack Obama suffered a setback this week, as yet another “smear” email attack landed in the inboxes of thousands of Pennsylvania voters.

B & P News obtained a version of the email, which purports to show Obama failing to render the “rock salute” during the playing of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s rock classic “Freebird” at a campaign event late last year.

“He’s definitely not throwing the goat,” said Francis Marion University political science professor Petey Rivers, who analyzed the email for B & P News. “If this photograph was taken during the epic guitar solo, it definitely calls Obama’s patriotism into question.”

The Obama campaign disagreed, saying the photograph is taken out of context, and that neither Senator Hillary Clinton or Senator John McCain have the classic rock credentials of Obama.

“I have personally seen him hoist an ice-cold Budweiser during the Allman Brothers’ ‘Midnight Rider’ and play air guitar during Boston’s ‘More Than a Feeling,’” said Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs, who says he has no connection to the Bee Gees despite his high falsetto voice.

“I think full I-pod disclosure is in order.”

The email marks the second classic rock controversy of the Obama campaign. Earlier this year, rival Sen. Clinton questioned Obama’s affinity for the Doobie Brothers’ 1972 hit “Jesus is Just Alright With Me.”

"Just "alright?'" asked Clinton. "Sounds like he's a Muslim to me."


The Blue South said...

There's a YouTube video circulating now that shows Obama's former minister, Jeremiah Wright, scolding the (Bill) Clinton administration for its support of Fleetwood Mac's "Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow" when everybody knows Stevie Wonder's "Higher Ground" was rejected because it was performed by a black man. And don't even get him started on Hillary's choice of a Celine Dion song for her campaign.

Anonymous said...

hey his middle name is HUSSIEN what did you expect.

drew said...

When cornered by a reporter from The State, Obama responded, "Just gimme three steps here. As a musician myself, I was so utterly awestruck by Gary Rossington's totally bitchin' solo that I momentarily failed to sling the metal."

"Now, McCain's folks are trying to smear me, calling me "The Breeze." But I ain't the one failing to address this nation's true needs. I know a little and I fully intend to give America back its bullets."