Monday, April 07, 2008

More on "baloney" SC groups

GOP consultant Terry Sullivan’s assessment of why out-of-state groups like Club for Growth and SCRG weren’t able to tap into their “vast, grassroots membership” to field many State House candidates:

“That is what happens when you pretend to be a grass-roots organization but are really just a front group for out-of-state people,” Sullivan said.

Sanford-friendly candidates don’t materialize,” John O'Conner, The State 4/6/08.

Ouch. If Terry’s not careful, he’s gonna get a bunch of phony hate letters in his mailbox courtesy of SCRG's numerous South Carolina supporters (pictured).


Anonymous said...

Out of state big money is buying the GOP.

I am ashamed of my party.

Anonymous said...

How is the SC Club for Growth an out of state organization, when 95% of their 700+ members are from in state? Just a question.

Anonymous said...

700 members, haha...I have more than that in my Frat alumni class.

It is the money that comes from out of state that we object too...not the boring anti-social geeks that inhabit that club.

Randy Page is the only guy I know that looks slimmer than normal when dressed in a baloney suit.