Saturday, June 09, 2007

Ryan's Bill becomes law

This Thursday, South Carolina became the 18th state to require that health insurance includes coverage of autism therapy for children. Doctor-prescribed ABA therapy is an intensive, and therefore expensive, autism therapy - but it's so effective that about half of the children who receive it are able to enter 1st grade on time.

Gervais says, great job Autism Angels and legislators!

From the Spartanburg Herald-Journal:

The Legislature also overrode Sanford's veto of a bill that would require insurance companies to provide coverage for children with autism. After the House overturned the veto by a 114-0 vote, Rep. Jimmy Bales, D-Eastover, looked at the tally board and with a grin said, "Now that's an override."
From the Greenville News:
"How often has there been a unanimous override in the House and the Senate?" said Dr. Desmond Kelly, medical director of developmental-behavioral pediatrics at Greenville Hospital System's Children's Hospital. "The legislators were clear in their support, and that's great."

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