Friday, June 08, 2007


"The average bus in the state is 14 years old, with some 1984 models still on the road, according to the agency."

Legislature overturns bus veto, The State

"If there's a silver lining in this veto - and admittedly it's hard to find - it's how the support for replacing these old school buses was solidified in both the House and the Senate," said state education Superintendent Jim Rex. "What's frustrating, though, is to see how long it can take sometimes to do things that most South Carolinians want done."

-News from around the Statehouse on Thursday , AP


Anonymous said...

How could the governor veto a bill to replace 14 year old school buses?

Perhaps if the same vehicles were used to transport children to ritzy private schools (like the private school the Sanford children attend), the governor would think differently.

Thank God the House and Senate overrode the veto.

Anonymous said...

"Overridden" is right. If my tally is correct the Legislature has overridden 100% of the Governor's vetoes. Quite a record.

But a better question is why in heaven's name did the people of S.C. vote him in for another term? What was everybody thinking?

This is the same governor who is still working to use tax money for private school vouchers.

Maybe he figures if the Legislature won't give him vouchers that he can "get even" by refusing kids the school buses we need.

It sure is getting harder and harder to vote for Republicans.