Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Great news

Rumor has it that Hudson’s BBQ, on Sunset Boulevard in Lexington, is opening up shop where the Po’ Pigs Bo-B-Q used to be on Knox Abbott Rd. in West Columbia. This is great news. Driving past the vacant, lifeless Po’ Pigs building on the way home from work each day is like watching your childhood home burn to the ground with your dog inside.

Only more emotional.


Anonymous said...

Why did Po Pigs close? I loved their food too!

Rob W. said...

I'm an Irmo expatriate in Atlanta. Any idea where I can get some mustard based Q around here? Also, I'm still waiting for the "Howard Rich is behind Ron Paul's internet fan base and has in fact cast 1.3 million votes for him on various online polls from 8 different computers in his townhouse in New York" post. Speaking of which, who's your horse for the primaries this year?