Friday, May 05, 2006

Dum Spiro Spears-o

Some parents have different views of acceptable risks, [Sanford] said. "It has been proven that it is more dangerous to drive at night or in the rain - are those times when parents should be penalized for taking additional risks with the lives of their children?" Sanford said.

-from the AP's Jim Davenport, "Child safety seat fine veto brings backlash for Sanford"


jack lewis said...

best photoshopping yet!

Anonymous said...

It is so incredibly scary that our top elected officials's ethical compass is so broke that he can't rank order personal freedom (of choice) and matters that involve a threat to life and grievious harm.

A close second is that neither can most of the legislators when they discuss matters that have documented, verifiable (otherwise known as facts) data to support them being such.

But, in the midst of the pandering to special interests and the bucks and reelection questions on the table, who can blame them for seliing out? I mean really. It's what the voters want to hear anyway, right?

Anonymous said...

If it's my personal choice to risk my child's life in a car after they are born, then why is it not my personal choice to abort something that is arguably not even human? The question of when life begins may need to be addressed legislatively in the realm of when the parent's personal responsibility for the well-being of the child supercedes the government's responsibility. You can't very well argue for one and against the other. Just more proof that the "Culture of Life" Republican philosophy is only valid before birth and after you are brain dead. Everything in the middle is up to you.

The Cackalacky Candidate said...

Penalty for sexually assaulting but not taking the life of a child - Death

Maximum penalty for willingly endangering the life of a child - $25.00

The logic of South Carolina politics - Priceless

Anonymous said...

Indeed. Like the time I wrote to Sheriff Metts and asked him what the consequences were going to be for some parents who had left a gun unsecured and the child took it to school.

Consequences for criminal child endangerment? A letter to me outlining their concern for the welfare of children.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the "state/big brother" needs to create a drop-off center at every hospital for all mothers to leave their newly born infants. This is the only way that the government can save us from ourselves. "Cradle to Grave"

Anonymous said...

Duh. There is a law/program for this. Really. And duh, I thought you Rethugs were about family values and right to life an all that. I guess just before birth and after you go brain dead.

"So far, the laws appear to have had a limited effect. Several states have begun to report on infants abandoned after the passage of the safe haven legislation. Approximately 33 babies have been legally relinquished including five each in Texas, Michigan and Alabama, six in New Jersey, four in California, two in Connecticut, Minnesota and Ohio and one each in Kansas and South Carolina."

Anonymous said...

So people who don't care enough about buckling up their babies are going to be aware that the fine for not doing so is going up to $150? And then they are going to promptly pay the fine?

And, our brilliant legislature won't allow not buckling up a kid to be used in a tort lawsuit?

This was a drive-by (please pardon the pun), shoddy law.