Saturday, April 01, 2006

Top Ten Mania!

Not to overstate the obvious, but Top Ten Lists = Sound Campaign Strategy. Mike Campbell takes a crack at it with this press release (WIS-tv):

The Bauer campaign is trying to divert attention from its meltdown by attempting to compare his pattern of inexcusable behavior over several years to one incident in which my staff member was stopped in February. Here are my top ten differences:

1. I am not an elected official.

2. We did not use a police radio with a made up call number to try and intimidate the officer.

3. I have the good sense to have someone drive me to events, particularly at night when I'm tired or have a heavy schedule.

4. My campaign aide who doubled as driver is paid by the campaign, not the taxpayers.

5. He was only driving about half the speed of Mr. Bauer’s 103 mph world land record.

6. I have not sent out apologists demanding that the taxpayers pay $64,000 for someone to drive me around, and will not do so as lieutenant governor.

7. No law enforcement officer has ever had to point a gun at me.

8. My staff member will not be joining the Lt. Governor at Frankie’s Fun Park tonight.

9. He stopped immediately for the officers
[sic] blue light and didn’t ask if his camera was running.

10. The incident occurred in dry daylight, not on a rainy Saturday night at 11:45 PM.

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Nettie said...

All right, Frankie's!