Friday, April 21, 2006


Below: Sanford gives SC a deep, dark tan
Today's good news: Katrina-ravaged Mississippi, Ford-ravaged Michigan, and Global Warming-ravaged(?) Alaska have worse unemployment than SC.

Today’s bad news: Only these three states have worse unemployment than SC.

Sanford campaign's blame: "the liberal Democrats" and "their plans to increase spending and raise costs for small businesses." (AP)


phisouttawater said...

Unemployment statistics seem to reflect someone else's world...

Another problem with government statistics.... How can the government claim we have very low inflation?

In the last five are more expensive, insurance premiums are out the ying-yang, medical costs have skyrocketed, utility bills, food, cable TV, college education costs, books, fuel, are all certainly higher... Zero or low inflation?? Please...where's the reality check?

Joyful Alternative said...

Where did he find a liberal Democrat to blame in South Carolina? There are Democrats here and there, but they look like DLCers to me. Were those 18,000 net new Palmetto-Crescents that drove up the unemployment rate all liberal Democrats maybe?