Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Sanford on

Today I stumbled across a site called that collates quotes from respected leaders, and also has a few gems from our own governor. It’s worth a visit. Sanford's very top quote particularly caught my eye:

"I think good debate ultimately makes for better ideas. And the fact that he's [Howard Dean] a little spirited in his debate, some people see that as an advantage on the Republican side. Some see it as a disadvantage. The bottom line is, more involvement is a good thing." - Mark Sanford
I happen to agree on this point – good debate does make for better ideas. But there are other bloggers out there who decry big money politics in one breath, then claim a fat campaign war chest insulates a candidate from debating the issues in the next. That's a shame.

Luckily, Sanford doesn’t believe this. Luckily, he believes debate makes for better ideas.

It’s just hard to tell unless you visit


The Cackalacky Candidate said...

There is a very simple solution: Make an offer that can't be refused and have three debates, anyway.

Some entity should sponsor the debates, contact the candidates, and just schedule the debates. (Perhaps the member newspapers of the South Carolina Press Association would pony up.)

If Incumbent Sanford refuses to show, then Challenger Lovelace gets 3-6 hours of free television time.

Voters need to sound off on this one. Incumbent Sanford might reconsider is enough voters personally contacted his office and sent the following message:NO debate means NO vote 4 you!!!

Personally, The Cackalacky Candidate believes this debate issue to be an opportunity for the SC Democractic to exercise a contrarian strategy: The South Carolina Democratic Party should offer to sponsor the South Carolina GOP Gubernatorial debates. It would give the SC Dems an opportunity grab an issue that allows them to be something besides ineffective. If the GOP refuses then the Dems can yell about it. If the GOP accepts then the Dems can claim a moral victory for the Voter's of South Carolina.

Gervais, do you have a few million $$$ tucked in your mattress to host a few debates?

Anonymous said...



Guess who’s coming to dinner at the Governor’s Mansion?

Several people who want to be governor.

Sen. Tommy Moore, D-Aiken, Florence Mayor Frank Willis and Lake Murray physician Oscar Lovelace have been invited to dine with Gov. Mark Sanford and first lady Jenny Sanford on Sunday at the Lace House, on the mansion grounds.

No, it’s not a debate.

The strange dinner list is courtesy of Sen. Brad Hutto, D-Orangeburg, and lobbyist Dwight Drake, who teamed up together to win an auction benefiting Heathwood Hall Episcopal School. The two were the winning bidders for cocktails and dinner with the first family. And who better to invite, the two thought, than a bipartisan contingent of those who want to take Sanford’s job.

Moore and Willis are vying for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination. Lovelace is challenging on the GOP side.

Also invited, besides Hutto, Drake, Moore, Willis and Lovelace, and their respective wives, are Marie and Sen. John Land, D-Clarendon; Donna and Sen. Harvey Peeler, R-Cherokee; Doris and I.S. Leevy Johnson of Columbia; and The State’s Aaron Gould Sheinin and his wife, Tracy.

The Sanfords are paying the actual cost of the dinner. The winning auction bid was $6,600.

According to the auction program, this is the third year the Sanfords have auctioned off dinner. The program describes the evening: “Hosted by Mark and Jenny Sanford, this evening provides stimulating conversation and excellent cuisine. The Governor’s Executive Chef will prepare a seated dinner for nine couples. Cocktails at 6:30 and dinner served at 7:30.”