Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Staton fails to garner coveted Will Folks endorsement

Below: Education/business
gurus Bob Staton and Will Folks
Analysts blame ‘Will Folks joke’ for non-endorsement

B & P News - Columbia

Republican Bob Staton was dealt a crushing blow this week in his campaign to become the state’s next Superintendent of Education when he failed to earn the endorsement of former Sanford spokesman and highly esteemed education/business expert Will Folks.

“I can’t endorse Bob Staton because I don’t feel he represents the Republican Party like I do,” wrote Folks in an op-ed titled 'SanFloyd for GovernaCation,' which was rejected by the State Newspaper, the Free Times, the Carolina Trader, and several computer printers. “What do business and education leaders like Bob Staton know that I don’t, as a former spokesman for prolly one of the awesomest governors ever?”

Most experts agree that the non-endorsement from Folks is a setback that could possibly take the Republican candidate moments to overcome.

“Staton will need to somehow bounce back after losing what is known in political circles as the ‘Folks Nod’,” said Francis Marion political science professor Ginger L. Blenheim. “Usually the Folks endorsement is a reliable indicator of who will get Will Folks’ vote, and unfortunately for Republican Bob Staton, it looks like this crucial demographic will go to another candidate.”

Some insiders speculate that Folks’ refusal to endorse Staton has less to do with ideology than the Education Oversight Committee chairman’s recent attempt to insert a “Will Folks Joke” into the high school science curriculum. Staton says that claim is exaggerated.

“I simply wanted our high school students to be able to critically analyze the difference between Will Folks and a neutron,” said Staton in an interview with B & P News. “The difference being, of course, that there’s no charge associated with a neutron.”


Palmetto Voice said...

Excellent article! This might be the funniest thing I have ever read.

STR said...

Def. agree.....good article

Anonymous said...

A kneeslapper! (or is that a vaguely inappropriate adjective for this particular political subject?)

Anonymous said...

I think what you wanted to say was door kicker. It was really funny. but what is this guys deal. Queer as folks hasn't posted anything about Will Folks in almost a month and he takes out his anger at Gervais on him. Maybe he needs to go back to anger management classes.

goodintentions said...

Thank you for brightening my day! Funny stuff.

Once again, you make me wish I could write like this.

Anonymous said...

I think everyone who knows Will knows that the anger management classes didn't work. His girlfriend should have let him get locked up instead of cutting a deal.

Will Folks said...


Appreciate the love. You just can't quit me, baby.

Peace, W

Anonymous said...


Get a life and go away.

Everyone who has ever met you.

The Body Politic - Joshua Gross said...

I could be wrong here, but I think Will might be onto something... Will won't be the only Republican who looks at Bob Staton's record and his public statements and supports Floyd instead. As a rule, we prefer people who keep to free market solutions, not more and bigger and less responsive bureaucracy.

I simply do not pretend to understand why Bob is running as a Republican. His donors are Dems, his platform is Dem, and I fully expect the Tenenbaum Dems to support him as well. That will be the death of his candidacy in a Republican primary.

Anonymous said...


Now I know that you are a supporter of Ms. Floyd's and I respect your opinion, but didn't a significant number of her finance committee members jump ship once staton jumped into the race? I'm just saying...maybe staton is the consensus broadbased candidate, not the extremist candidate! Not that I am calling Ms. Floyd. And if Mr. Staton is a democrat, why is Warren Tompkins running his campaign?

Nettie said...

I linked you before, but now...now I just love you.