Thursday, February 02, 2006

Palmetto Pig, January Highlights

Inadvertantly hip Mike Fair

I finally made my way back to the Palmetto Pig yesterday for lunch. My buddy Lucius put it best when he said, “I don’t think it’s possible to have bad meal here.”

Something I like to do, usually on my second trip to the buffet bar, is to get a little hash, some baked beans (not a lot), some rice, some cole slaw, and some pulled pork, then mix it all up and smother it with the “original sauce.” It might not sound great, but it is.

I like to experiment a little with my foods, I guess. Hannah Jane can't stand it when I make a "cornbread milkshake."

This was my first trip to the Pig in over a month, since around the time of the Kiawah Marathon. Gervais says, a month is a long time to go without the Pig’s righteous offerings. As I masticated, which sounds dirty but isn’t, I thought about how January flew by.

Best as I remember, this is what went down:

January 1st – Senator John Land records Democratic response to Sanford’s State of the State address.
January 6th – Lou Rawls dies at 72. Sanford lowers flags on state property to half mast, chastises other state governors for their lack of respect.
January 10th – First day of the 2006 legislative session. Bill introduced to “abolish property taxes forever and ever, Amen” by Rep. Travis, arguably the best baritone in the House.
January 11th – Candidates for state office disclose finances. Governor has $4.6 million campaign war chest, or roughly $100,000 for each state with better unemployment than SC.
January 12th – US Senator Lindsey Graham tries to soothe bawling wife of Alito by crooning first verse of "No Woman No Cry" at Senate confirmation hearing, earns lifetime endorsement from NORML.
January 17th – Myrtle Beach man arrested for faking his own death in 1979 to avoid paying child support. Attorney General Henry McMaster punches the man in the mouth repeatedly and issues press release about it.
January 18th – State of the State Address. Tons of praise heaped upon newest Thomas Friedman book by the Governor. Friedman is grateful, and says that of all the governors he would’ve picked to endorse his book, Sanford was “definitely in the top forty-nine.”
January 22th – Senator Mike Fair shows his aversion to church-state separation by wearing his “Jesus is my homeboy” T-shirt into the Senate chamber.
January 24th – Bureau of Labor Statistics report shows SC at 49th in joblessness. Say it to my face, BLS. That’s what I thought.
January 26th – New bill, dubbed “Put Parents in Charge II,” is introduced, but killed in committee after it is discovered the primary sponsor is “Rep. Dennis Sinned (R- Elliville).”
January 31st – First debate in Governor’s race. Sanford did not attend because of a “wardrobe malfunction” which left one of his nipples exposed.


Anonymous said...

As if the other Thomas Friedman book, The Lexus and the Olive Tree wasn't bad enough.

Anonymous said...

very funny