Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Christian Exodus assails Gaffney Peachoid

Below: Gaffney's Peachoid water tower
Homo-erotic pornography has no place in SC skyline , says leader

B & P News - Gaffney

Christian Exodus, the upstate organization that seeks to establish a government of fundamental Christian values, has cited its first objective -- the demolition of the Gaffney "Peachoid."

"That ain't no water tower," said the group's president, Ted Flinch. "It's flat-out porno, and it has no place in the Carolina sky. Why do you think my son's so gay?"

Flinch's four-month old son had no noticeable reaction to the comment, but Gaffney residents have been quick to defend their peach-shaped water tower, erected in 1981.

"Yeah, it kind of looks like a hiney or whatever," said Emma Jean Broadus, owner of the Broadus Pharmacy and Gun Shop on Main Street. "But so do real peaches. At least they didn't put the fuzz on it."

In a press release issued on late Saturday, Flinch stated that Christian Exodus will boycott public water supplies until the Peachoid is removed or covered.

While the opposition is not expected to result in the Peachoid's removal, it could present problems for another water tower currently under consideration in the city. A public hearing for the "Shroom-oid" -- a backup tower shaped like a thick-stemmed mushroom with a bulbous cap -- is scheduled for next month.



Earl Capps said...

Aren't they building a water tower that's shaped like a whip and pair of handcuffs?

The Drama Queen said...

It really looks like a sunburnt Bart Simpson mooning I-85!!!

JB said...

Up here in Gaffney, we kinda like our Peach...

Anonymous said...

Everyone in Gaffney says it looks like an ass...i agree.