Saturday, January 07, 2006

Weekend Re-Hash

Here are the posts from the SC political blogosphere this week that stuck to my ribs:

The Crunchy Republican shares her views on why public education is so important to her:

"We hardly even considered public schools because we had heard … things like 5th graders having babies and fourth graders being "held up" for their Coca-Cola money... Despite the fact that I don't have children enrolled in South Carolina's public schools, I am extremely interested in what happens there…My kids interact with public schooled children often. We go to public parks, churches, malls and other areas where they come in frequent contact with children in public schools."

Yikes! I give my daughter a bath if she comes within ten feet of those wretched lepers. Sometimes, I make her wear public school-kid repellent, too. I’m just joking. This whole distrust of public schools helps explain a lot -- such as why every time Mark Sanford farts, Crunchy hears a Shakespearean sonnet and smells a fresh ocean breeze.

The Teen Republican makes a splash on the scene, and also proves that puberty and politics don't mix, with a list of his favorite and least favorite politicians, from which the following is excerpted:

Worst SC Democrat - Inez Tenenbaum (*cough* Tenenbitch *cough*)
Worst SC Republican - N/A

Welcome aboard, kid. Remember, Mrs. T can change your report card to all F's with one keystroke.

And SC Hotline links to a press release from South Carolinians for Responsible Government, which details their last attempt at relevance, a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against Dorchester Two. SCRG wants to make sure no tax money was used to help defeat their private school tuition tax credit agenda. For a group whose president sends The State phony letters to the editor under a pseudonym, SCRG sure cares a lot about impropriety.

Here's a clue voucher from Gervais, SCRG: It wasn't "Dorchester Two tax dollars on the grassy knoll" that killed Put Parents In Charge -- it was Professor "This-Legislation-Blows"... in the library... with a candlestick.

That's all for now, kids. Have a great weekend!


The Raving Maniac said...

Hey, South Carolina - We Can Do Better!
As I ponder the past and look toward 2006, I finally realized what this gnawing feeling in my gut has been for the past few years: I'm ashamed to be a South Carolinian, and a Republican. A few of the reasons why:
I voted for Mark Sanford. I am sorry. I believed the TV ads. I didn't do my homework. It won't happen again. We can do better, and Mr. Lovelace is looking pretty good right now.
In voting for Sanford, I bought the line of a bunch of New York advertising flacks, funded by New York political hacks. I'm smarter than that. I can do better.
Our governor, our most visible business development asset, doesn't understand business development. He has starved us when he should have been laying out the 5 Star buffet, and he didn't need to be very smart to figure that out. We must do better, for the sake of our kids, and their kids.
Our governor truly does not appreciate the value of our public schools and public universities. He actually said that he doesn't see the link between excellence in public schools, and a thriving South Carolina economy. Can he really be that obtuse? We can do better.
Our governor, our chief executive officer, hired Will Folks (Will Folks, for God's sake) to a key staff position. There are lots of good reasons to send Mr. Sanford back to Florida, but just this single decision is reason enough. We can do better.
We will elect a Republican Education superintendent next year. The governor's choice, Karen Floyd, has endorsed his school voucher program, to take my tax dollars away from public education and give it to private schools. We can do better.
Finally, in electing Mark Sanford, we elected a Libertarian instead of a Republican. He is a darling of the miniscule Libertarian Party (check out their web sites - many want him to be president). But I'm not a Libertarian, and there's a good reason why only about 0.00001% of Americans are: their ideas are bad. They don't work. Just look at South Carolina's business development climate and unemployment statistics. We must do better.
I will do better in 2006. Will you?

The Maniac

Read more at the Raving Maniac's blog at

Mike Reino said...

I'm not sure what RM's comment has to do with this posting, but thanks for another gem. I know Garrett and he's a good kid - his Dad just needs to make sure to set the Parental Block on his computer.

Palmetto Neocon said...

Worst SC Democrat - Inez Tenenbaum (*cough* Tenenbitch *cough*)
Worst SC Republican - N/A

Welcome aboard, kid. Remember, Mrs. T can change your report card to all F's with one keystroke.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Nice one Gervais.

Sunny Philips said...

Hey, I AM a public schooled kid!

I do have a distrust in public schools in my area, but not a disdain for them. My husband and I may have chosen for our children to attend private school, but that doesn't mean we don't want the best for the children who don't.

Gervais S. Bridges said...

Fair enough Crunchy.

I removed "disdain for." I'd be interested to read a post from you about your distrust of public schools. I mean, besides all the fifth grade girls being knocked-up.

Earl Capps said...

Gotta watch out for them hordes of knocked up ten and eleven year-old fifth-graders, yessirree. They told me all about "those people" from the city of Columbia, all dark and everything down at the country club.

Geez, she ain't crunchy, she's half-baked.

btw - Anyone tell the raving maniac to lay off the spam?

Anonymous said...

Damn Raving Maniac, I thought this space was for comments, you wrote a darned book son!

I too am a product of SC's public school system, as are my children, but if I can do anything about it (meaning tuition $$$s) my 2 grandkids will be privately schooled. I may have to sell some of my shotguns and decoys on Ebay to get the dollars though. Hmmm....maybe a few years of public school won't do any permanent damage to them! LOL!