Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Sanford launches 80’s cover band

Below: VETO with frontman Sanford (2nd from left)
Group to promote album by touring state

B & P News - Columbia

Governor Mark Sanford this week announced the formation of his new 1980’s cover band, VETO, which will tour the state throughout the legislative session. The band name is reportedly inspired by the quirky new-age band DEVO, but it was not everyone’s first choice of moniker.

“I really wanted to name the band something more catchy, like Mark and the Soil Conditions,” said Sanford, as he popped the collar of his lime green Izod shirt. “But, as usual, I was overridden.”

Sanford, the band’s lead singer, also says the group has been working on several classic tunes for their upcoming tour, and has solicited requests from various politicians in an effort to mend relationships in state government.

Among the requested songs that VETO learned are Thomas Dolby’s “She Blinded Me With Science” (Sen. Mike Fair), Bob Seger’s “Old Time Rock’n’Roll” (Treasurer Grady Patterson), Wham’s “Careless Whisper” (Rep. John Graham Altman), and Dire Straits’ “Money for Nothing” (Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer). The band refused to learn “Lady in Red,” but Sanford would not discuss the reason.

Sanford says VETO is eager to finally play in South Carolina after coming off a marathon east coast tour last year.

"Curiously, most of our support comes from out-of-state," said Sanford, as he tight-rolled his acid-washed blue jeans. "Go figure. I guess a lot of Sandlappers are too cheap to shell out the small donation necessary to see a kick-ass show."

Unfortunately for VETO, the group’s debut disc, The Marshall Sanford LP, was recently named one of 2005’s three worst albums by Rolling Stone magazine. Still, Sanford mantains an optimism which borders on aloofness about the upcoming dates.

“People have heard me rant about South Carolina’s 1890’s-style government or whatever,” said the Governor as he donned a white sequined glove. “But now it’s time they hear me pump out the 1980’s-style rock.”


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