Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Billy's BBQ Sandwich from Beezer's Gourmet Sandwich Shop

When you order from a restaurant that makes its last delivery at 2:30 AM, you know you're getting a taste of college life. Only thing is, I don't have the same constitution that I had in my "college" days. All the same, when my buddy Lucius suggested we get a delivery order from Beezer's -- near USC's Historic Horseshoe -- for lunch today, Gervais figured, "What the hell?"

Here's the menu description of "Billy's BBQ sandwich" from Beezer's:

"Slow roasted pork swimming in sweet and spicy BBQ sauce piled high atop an 8 1/2 inch sub roll, accompanied with onions, banana peppers, and cheddar/jack cheese."

After trying it, I'm a little skeptical of the "slow roasted" part. The onions and peppers gave the sandwich a little bit of a kick, though. And best of all, I didn't have to go out in the rain. But as good 'cue goes, Beezer's falls a little short.

Beezer's has franchises out in Lexington (pictured) and up in Clemson, and probably a few other places I don't know about. The other sandwiches I've tried have been great, and they deliver promptly and cheaply. Gervais says, give Beezer's a buzz... but unless you just have a "cue-to-do" list, try the Beezer Blaster or another gourmet, non-barbecue sandwich.


goodintentions said...

Gervais, you left a comment on my blog that you wanted "this comment back." Can you explain?

GSB said...

I left the comment by accident. Thanks for getting it back to me so quickly.