Sunday, December 11, 2005

Michael J. Fox assails Lovelace

Doctor’s entire candidacy based on my 1991 film, says actor

B & P News - Columbia

Actor Michael J. Fox attacked Lake Murray physician and GOP gubernatorial candidate Oscar Lovelace last week for what he calls “theft of character.”

“Lovelace’s entire candidacy, right down to his hairstyle, is a rip-off of my 1991 classic, Doc Hollywood,” Fox told reporters in Los Angeles. “I mean, a rural doctor with a family practice, making a big transition in life -- sound familiar? Hell yeah it does, because it’s my freakin' character!”

The movie at the heart of Fox’s criticism features a young doctor who is sentenced to work at a small town hospital in South Carolina after causing a traffic accident. Lovelace said he enjoyed the film, but the actor is off base in his criticism.

“Any similarities between myself and Dr. Benjamin Stone are merely coincidental,” said Lovelace as he sat on the hood of his freshly waxed Delorean. He then ran his fingers through his hair and adjusted his necktie. “I’m just a country doctor, raising my four children: Alex P., Mallory, Jennifer and Andrew.”

Prosperity's Festus Bedenbaugh, a long-time patient and friend of the physician, says the charges lack merit.

“I’ve known Oscar for a long time, and he's definitely an original,” said Bedenbaugh. “One time, we were playing basketball together and he all a sudden pretended he was turning into a werewolf. It was hilarious. I don’t know where he comes up with these things.”

Lovelace says he is focusing on his gubernatorial campaign rather than the actor's comments.

"The important thing right now is getting elected to serve South Carolina in the metropolis of Columbia," said Lovelace. "In order not to get caught up in a fast-lane lifestyle of booze and drugs like Jamie Conway did in Bright Lights, Big City, I'm going to need some good advisors, like Lewis Rothschild in The American President."


Adam said...

HILARIOUS take! As a fan of Fox and due to my general disdain for Lovelace, I must reiterate the call for Doctor Oscar to withdraw!

Anonymous said...

Dern, I thought James West was gonna have to deal with this Dr. Loveless... uh did he change the spellin?