Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Former staffer unhappy with Governor’s Halloween costume

Below: Governor Sanford on Halloween

I thought it was just a joke between buds, says Sanford

B & P News -- Columbia

Some say South Carolina politics is scary enough when it’s not Halloween, but now a former Sanford staffer says the governor went too far with the costume he wore on Monday.

“I don’t mind being lampooned by my political opponents,” said former spokesman Will Folks. “But this is ridiculous.”

The governor donned a sleeveless tee-shirt and used a beer bottle as a prop to satirize his former employee, who recently plead guilty to criminal domestic violence. Folks learned of the costume late Monday evening, when he heard the Governor kick open his front door and yell, “Trick or treat, beeyatch! Gimme some candy!”

“I apologized to Will,” the governor said Tuesday. “I guess my usually on-point sense of humor, the kind I displayed by carrying the pigs into the Statehouse, has failed me for once.”

The governor used the opportunity to reiterate that domestic violence is not a laughing matter. “I thought it was just a joke between buds,” stated the governor. “But it hurt his feelings. Once again Will Folks has been victimized, and I'm sorry.”


Big fan of yours said...

I wish I knew who you were so I could, like, give you an award or something. This is awesome. Such a great distraction!!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely Hilarious!

The funny part is that two guys from the Statehouse really DID dress up as Will Folks- complete with wife-beater t-shirt, an empty Jack Daniels bottle, a baseball bat and business cards that said "I STILL think I am the Governor's Press Secretary!"

Anonymous said...

Well done, if only SNL still had this level of talent writing for them. Welcome to SCHotline, you are the best!

~Jeffrey Sewell