Thursday, November 03, 2005

Dam good lunch: Granny's BBQ

Me & my brother Fripp had a helluva lunch today at Granny's on the Irmo side of the Lake Murray Dam. Actually, the official literature says "Columbia," but one look at the fried okra on the buffet and you know you're in Irmo.

The pulled pork was good, and there were three sauces from which to choose. Also on the buffet were corn fritters, fried chicken, slaw, beans, and a few other vegetables I skimmed right over. And chocolate pudding.

I passed a whole bunch of signs near the dam, some saying vote "yes" and others saying vote "no." It's a referendum to build more schools or something. Gervais says, build them suckers close to town if you build 'em. Don't stick 'em in the middle of nowhere. I know it's good for developers and stuff, but that place just ain't the same with all the sprawl and traffic.

Speaking of traffic in those parts... if you can stand the gridlock on Harbison Blvd, John McCain will be at Barnes & Noble signing his new book a couple Sundays from now. It's limited to two hundred people, so get there early.

Bottom line: vote yes to Granny's.

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