Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Tuesday lunch: Harper's maintains AAA barbecue rating

If you haven't tried the Harper's Carolina Barbecue Sandwich yet, do so right away...it's a big ol' good'n. They put the coleslaw right there on the bun, which I like. And this is hickory smoked, real-deal pulled pork barbecue.

The only thing that almost jeopardized the AAA barbecue rating that Harper's enjoys was the question the waiter asked me today: "Mustard-based or vinegar-based?" Mama would've slapped Fripp or me for asking such nonsense here in the buckle of the Mustard Belt. I kept my cool, though.

"Listen, kid," I whispered in his ear, brushing aside a tuft from his Charleston Mop-head hairdo. "Take this little map. Learn it. Live it. Love it."

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