Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Lexington County honors longtime legislator

Below: Lexington residents marvel at
Knotts Rock, formerly named Peachtree Rock.
B & P News - Edmund

Lexington County paid tribute to longtime legislator Jake Knotts this week by unveiling a likeness of the Republican State Senator, carved into the peculiar geological formation once known as Peachtree Rock.

Knotts Rock, as it is now named, is located about twenty miles outside the capital city, in Edmund. The formation is famous for its resemblance an overturned pyramid balancing perilously on its apex. The chiseling of the rock to honor the Senator was approved in a secret meeting of Lexington County Council earlier this year.

"We wanted to keep it under wraps, to really surprise Jakie," said councilwoman Betty Joe Harmon-Corley. "We had the sculptor cover it with a tent and everything."

Edmond residents and visitors to the surrounding nature preserve were full of speculation right up until the unveiling of the monument on Monday.

"I figured it was somebody in government, maybe Joe Wilson," said T. Buzzard Mack of Edmund. "I guess there's only room for one unanimated Joe Wilson in this world, though."

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