Friday, October 28, 2005

Friday lunch: Back to the Pig

For the first time today, I got a take-out plate from Palmetto Pig. This is a pretty good deal, cheaper than the buffet and good for when you don't have time to sit around and pour a gallon of sweet tea down the hatch. I was worried, because they prepare the plate in the back instead of letting you help yourself, but they came correct with the righteous barbecue, in sufficent quantity to have leftovers for (burp) supper.

By the way, here's an excerpt from a book I got sittin' around the house:

"barbecue is the only acceptable spelling in serious writing. Any journalist or other formal user of English who believes that the word is spelled barbeque or, worse still, bar-b-q, is not ready for unsupervised employment."

Of course, I also have Bryson's Short History of Nearly Everything, and he seems to think that man evolved from -- are you sitting down? -- other life forms. I'm sure Senator Mike Fair from Greenville has been lurking in Barnes & Noble stores and slapping warning stickers on that book. Any thoughts?

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Jimbo said...

I asked my yankee neighbor if he wanted some barbecue. "Barbecued what?" he asked. That's when I realized barbecue is a noun where I come from and a verb in places I don't care to visit.