Monday, May 12, 2008

SCRG & Sanford target Upstate GOP lawmaker

District 2 Republican Bill Sandifer has become the first House candidate (I'm aware of) to be targeted by Gov. Mark Sanford this primary season.

Last month, Sandifer was the target of negative push-polling paid for by Howard Rich's voucher group "South Carolinians for Responsible Government," according to the Daily Messenger.

This month, Sanford himself is apparently taking a long Monday lunch to campaign against the GOP lawmaker.

All of this brings Gervais to a few observations:

1. The last time SCRG got involved in Oconee County politics, they lost big time. Unless victory means having your candidate found passed out drunk in a Domino's Pizza drive-thru with cocaine, in which case they won big time.

2. Chad Connelly's Sandlapper Consulting is running the campaign of Sandifer's opponent, Ed Rumsey. According to the most recent tax information, Connelly is also a $63,250-a-year director of SCRG. (pdf). We're going to have to take a good "Barbecue & Politics" look at this Connelly fellow.

3. Some people's heads are just too fat to fit in a standard thumbnail-sized window. That's not an insult, it's a medical fact.


Anonymous said...

Also, Will Folks had someone plant a controversial flier on Sandifer's desk and take a photo of it, trying to smear him. If you want to find out who SCRG is targetting, just read his bought-and-paid-for blog.

Anonymous said...

With SCRG's success rate, I would not worry much.

Funny thing that...Libertarians don't require a lot for their money. They like the bluster, but frankly results don't seem to matter.

Anonymous said...

You know what else they seem to REALLY like? Cocaine.

The Blue South said...

Domino's has a drive-thru? My life has changed for the better.