Sunday, May 18, 2008

Gullick's opponent not a big voter

One of these two people has definitely voted since 2004.

The other one is the voucher candidate recruited to run against Republican lawmaker Carl Gullick of York County.

From the Rock Hill Herald:

“[Sanford]'s not being supported like he should," Boyd said Thursday night. "I'm a true conservative Republican."

Boyd hasn't voted in an election since 2004, county and state records show. Sanford has appeared on two ballots in that time, a Republican primary and general election in 2006. Sanford won both contests.

Asked Friday about his absences, Boyd said: "That's a good question. I wasn't able to get away from school, that's all."

A short time later, Boyd re-contacted The Herald to say his recollection had changed and that he did vote in 2006. He declined to elaborate.

Oh, brother. I don't even know where to start. But here are three thoughts:

1. There should be a law where, if you're going to be working out of state, you can vote early, perhaps by mail, even though you are "absent" on the actual day of the election. Call me a hopeless dreamer.

2. SCRG's patented "fog this mirror" test for recruiting candidates is working very well.

3. Remind me to never, ever, ever try to pull one over on the reporters for the Rock Hill Herald.


Daisy said...

You don't have an email or I'd send you a link! (feel free to delete this for being off topic)

Please cover my candidate: TED CHRISTIAN! (4th district congress):
It DOES take a rocket scientist

Love your blog, and thanks much for listening.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight.

Sanford raises almost 6 million dollars in his non-profits (from out of state special interest that does not have to disclose their large contibutions), then does not spend it on these idiot candidates.

So, like wow. I wish I made 6 million dollars in the last 6 years...being governor of SC is a good job.

Kobayashi Maru said...

Yet another quality product from the crack team at SCRG. Kudos to The Herald for asking the right questions.

Gervais said...

Hey Daisy, nice blog. I'll take a look-see at Ted Christian.

Earl Capps said...

The law does allow someone to vote absentee due to meeting work obligations.

Gervais said...

Earl, I was being ironical!

Anonymous said...

Hey what do you know? this page has a pig on it just like Kyle's opponent Carl Gullick. Talk about pork barrel spending. I would love to see your faces when Kyle Boyd runs Gullick out of the state house crying. The only criticism you can think of is when Kyle voted last. Get a life. I emailed the herald on the fact that Kyle Boyd does not endorse vouches and that a tax credit is different than a voucher. I received an apology email stating that they had received some false information and that they will investigate their source’s from know own. REMEMBER VOTR TOMMOROW FOR KYLE.
God Bless you