Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Top Ten

A lot of fuss has been made recently about the current filming of the movie “Nailed” on the grounds of the South Carolina State House. Gervais says, that’s great, but we shouldn’t let this Johnny-come-lately not-even-a-movie-yet overshadow the Palmetto State’s other fine moments on the silver screen. To refresh your memory, here are the…

Top Ten other great moments in SC film history

10. (1993) SC native Andie MacDowell stars in second-best film of all time featuring Bill Murray and rodents

9. (1989) In third installment of Indiana Jones series, character’s real first name revealed to be “South Carolina

8. (1971) Bamberg, SC Piggly Wiggly clerk coins phrase “it puts the lotion in the basket”

7. (1989) Major League Baseball finally removes SC native Shoeless Joe Jackson's name from its controversial "ineligible to be in a Kevin Costner movie" list

6. (1994) Filmmakers searching for a setting for a film about a low-IQ millionaire with a wife named Jenny descend on Beaufort, SC

5. (2005) Nemo found dead along banks of Catawba river

4. (1993) “The Program,” the story of a college football team plagued by drug and alcohol abuse, filmed at Williams-Brice Stadium for sake of authenticity

3. (1975) Myrtle Beach swimmers afraid to go into the water after viewing 1975’s epic thriller “The Apple Dumpling Gang”

2. (1990) Hotshot doctor Ben Stone charmed by the folksiness of Grady, SC while doing community service for his bad driving; real-life doctor beaten mercilessly by State Troopers for same offense

1. (2006) Two USC students sue makers of film “Borat” for portraying them as beer-chugging, misogynistic racists, tarnishing the otherwise stellar reputation carried with the term “USC Fratboy.”


The Blue South said...

C'mon, nothing about elitist Julia Roberts trashing Abbeville, and for god's sake, NO KEVIN BACON? Well I'd say that move is 6 degrees from insanity.

FilmGuy said...

Or how about the award for best government screw up by Sanford & Co. in allowing their Secretary of Commerce to mess with the film incentive legislation to the point that it's useless, especially when compared to just about every other state in the union? In 2006, when the incentives were in place the way the Legislature designed them, SC saw 9 projects shoot here, dropping some $25MM (and these are exteremly conservative numbers; other sources show something closer to $60MM). Now coming up on a year later after Joe Taylor's changes, and all the state has to brag about is "Nailed." Whopeee...