Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Howard Rich Advocacy & Shilling for Hire (THRASH) awards

You may have noticed the link over there to the left called “Buying South Carolina,” with the picture of the old guy. That’s Big Apple libertarian Howard Rich, the millionaire developer who is trying to buy South Carolina, one State House seat at a time.

He doesn’t seem to like public schools, and rumor has it that it all started with a batch of bad “band fruit” in 1973.

In past seasons of Barbecue & Politics, we've mentioned Rich a time or two. But it’s not fair that Gervais picks on him all the time. So for the next few weeks, we’ll honor him.

And there is no greater honor than having an award named after you. Just ask Joseph Pulitzer, who has some sort of award named after him for something-or-other.

The Howard Rich Advocacy & Shilling for Hire (THRASH) awards were created in the same vein: to honor South Carolina’s political advocacy groups that are controlled by, funded by, or specifically created by narrow out of state interests without regard for the actual interests and values of real South Carolinians.

It takes a lot of courage to say, “Even though you are a narrow special interest from who-knows-where, I will take your stack of out-of-state cash and do my best to pass this off as a South Carolina idea.”

Gervais says, that courage should be rewarded with a good THRASH’ing. So, for the next few weeks, Thursday is "THRASH" day here at Barbecue & Politics.

Who will be the first recipient of a THRASH award?

Come back tomorrow and find out...


The Blue South said...

Your photoshop acumen remains impeccable.

Anonymous said...

I think it is odd that the conservative SCRG has just hired the student that sued VMI to have prayer taken away from their mealtime. He and his allies at the ACLU were successful after seeing the case all the way to the Supreme Court.

Of course he has just come from working at the SC Policy Council…another group with wide spread Christian type support. Yes, an odd thing indeed.